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Weinberghotel Edelacker

We provide beautiful memories and have an exciting history ourselves.

The history of our house goes back to the 19th century. As "Neidels Waldhaus" it offered guest rooms for the first time and was called "Edelacker" from 1898. Where today our large terrace offers a view of the wine-growing town of Freyburg, there used to be a glass hall that was supplied by the in-house pastry shop. In the following 100 years, the hotel always remained a popular destination. However, it only reached its current size with a new building, which was completed in 1996. Since 2018, the 4-star hotel has been called "Weinberghotel Edelacker". In the run-up to the renaming, an extensive renovation took place.

Edelacker itself also has history. It goes back to the year 1170, gives the field in front of our hotel its name and is the origin of the dictum "Landgraf wird hart". What is meant is the "Edelacker legend" and it goes like this:

Landgrave Ludwig of Thuringia was a mild and soft ruler. His nobles and knights took advantage of this to oppress and abuse their subjects. One day, when Ludwig, lost from hunting, stopped at the blacksmith's in Ruhla and found food and lodging there, he learned of the plagues of his people. With every blow of the hammer the blacksmith spoke: "Landgrave become as hard as this iron! What good are you to live for the poor people? Don't you see how your councils are plaguing the people?"

The landgrave took the words to heart and sought a way to compel obedience from his nobles. When he asked them to correct themselves, they ganged up and revolted. Ludwig understood this as a breach of the oath. As punishment, he harnessed the nobles one after the other to a plough, swung the scourge and tilled a stony ground with them, which has since been called "Edelacker".

Because Ludwig had to fear revenge, from then on he went in an iron shell and was only called the "Iron Landgrave".

Picture series above: In 1921, the artist Walter Hege made a silhouette depicting the Edelacker legend in five scenes. These became the motif on the back of the emergency money of the city of Freyburg at that time.


Are dogs allowed in the hotel and in the guest rooms?

Although almost all employees are dog lovers, there are strict rules for our four-legged friends at the Weinberghotel Edelacker:

  1. Dogs must be on a leash or in a bag on the entire hotel grounds and in all public areas of the hotel. 
  2. Dogs must be trained not to bark anywhere in the hotel - at least they should be calmed down immediately on command.
  3. Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant and breakfast room.
  4. Overnight guests are allowed to bring their dog to their room if this has been discussed with our reception beforehand. Special rules apply, and we also charge an additional fee of €30.00 per night and dog. This results from the increased cleaning effort that we incur as a result.
Is smoking allowed in the hotel?

The Weinberghotel Edelacker is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in the entire building and in all rooms.

This prohibition does not apply on our terraces, provided that other guests do not feel disturbed. There is a smoking area at the side entrance of the hotel.

Is there an elevator in the house?

In fact, the Weinberghotel Edelacker has two elevators. These lead from the lowest terrace level to the top floor of the hotel. In this way, all guests can easily reach the level where they want to be.

The only exceptions are six rooms, which can only be reached from the reception level via a short flight of stairs.

Where is the charging station for electric cars?

Guests with an electric vehicle can access our staff car park via our supplier access road. There is our charging station, where two vehicles can charge at the same time.

Please note that the parking spaces in front of the charging station are not regular parking spaces. You must therefore park your vehicle in our guest car park after the charging process.

Please also note that our charging station must be activated at reception. The charging process is therefore not started at the charging station but by our employees in the hotel.

Is the reception open all the time?

Yes, there is a receptionist personally available 24 hours a day, so you can check in and out easily at any time.

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